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Manymay is a manufacturing + services + marketplaces.
That will get you anything you want from metals crafts, tools, spares, lubricants, supermarket supplies, electrical services, metal manufacturing & more.

Where is Manymay? Manymay has two warehouses?

  1. Ghana – Medie,One Ghana Shop
  2. Ghana – Medie, Dagaara Junction
    And 30 warehouses more in construction. As at 12/1/2022 two(2) warehouses are in completed out of the thirty(30)pcs.

As a physical organization, we are metal manufacturers, electrical service installers’ and a marketplaces enterprise. We are also a community pushing to create
more jobs for people by creating spaces for creativity and growth. Together, we want to find ourselves, walk our purpose and grow
our world.

If you have questions about anything Manymay – from where is your order, all the way to uploading an image as a seller, head on over to our Help Centre.

This is where you’ll find all the answers you need, you’ll even be able to speak to one of our friendly support heroes!