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This system allows  freelancers and employers to register and create their profiles in few simple steps. Once the task is posted on the marketplace, the freelancers would have the option to submit their proposals for employer to review. Once a proposal is accepted, employer would be required to make the payment which would be received by the admin but it will also be shown in the wallet system of that freelancer after deduction of admin’s commission under the pending payments section. Once the project is completed and approved by the employer, that amount will move from pending balance section to available balance in freelancer’s wallet. The commission system would enable the admin to monetize this system.

This system also has a builtin one to one message inbox system to enable users to communicate with each other if they had any questions regarding work or proposal etc. It also has a built in review system that will allow employers to feedback and rate the work carried out by freelancers. 

  • What we bring on board?

    The Largest workforce of Africa to the Globe.

    Manymay is one of the best Freelance Marketplace and Job Board. It includes, projects listings, bidding on projects, sell services, employers listings, freelancer listings and projected to be the biggest workforce choice from Africa to the global economy, making it the largest freelance market place.

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Focus on growing your business, getting tasks done either part-time or full-time, whiles earning on the go. 

  • Commission System


    Employer pays admin for the task.

  • Balance!

    Balance Account

    Balance will show under freelancer pending balance.

  • Admin

    Admin can release payment to the freelancer

    Admin releases payment to freelancer after the task is completed and reviewed.

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