• Job typeJob type: Onsite
  • Job Duration01 to 03 months
  • Project LevelMedium Level

Project detail

The mason works under direction and performs all general masonry work involved in the maintenance
and construction of block, stone, and brick structures; constructs and repairs concrete structures; works
with various machine and hand tools common to the masonry trade; may prepare or work from sketches,
plans, and specifications in accord with the building code or accepted trade practices and gives suitable
assignments to those assigned as helpers.


The Mason shall:
1. Construct block, stone, and brick walls, manholes, chimneys, columns, partitions, and other
structures by establishing grade, setting lines, constructing forms, determining and mixing or
supervising the mixing of cement or mortar, pouring footings or foundation, and laying block,
stone and brick.
2. Erect or supervise the erection of scaffolding and ramps and finishing of joints.

3. Build or lay concrete structures such as sidewalks, porches, stairs, and floors by laying out and
setting forms, establishing pitch, preparing base, mixing concrete, pouring, and finishing the
4. Point brickwork or stone structures; patches plaster or stucco walls and ceilings, and repair
cracked or broken concrete structures.
5. Use trowels, joiners, edgers, chisels, levels, plumb bobs, vibrators, and concrete mixers.
6. Mix cement, mortar, lime, and lime mortar.
7. Slake lime and temper mortar.
8. Prepare or work from sketches, plans, and specifications in accord with the building code or
approved trade practices.
9. Inspect work in progress and completed work.
10. Give suitable assignments to helpers.
11. Keep needed records.

 MEDIE, Medie, Ghana
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