Welder Fabricator (Basic Level)

  • Job typeJob type: Onsite
  • Job DurationLess than a week
  • Project LevelBasic Level

Project detail

The Welder, is responsible for

  • Assembling pieces of metal together or repairing damage in metal components using heavy machinery that emits high heat, melting the metal into shape.
  • Their duties include reviewing blueprints, cutting metal into the appropriate shape and smoothing molten metal to remove creases.
  • Perform welding from various departments with help of welding torches and arcs.
  • Analyze defective equipments and identify appropriate defective equipments and inform supervisors.
  • Administer various components and perform welding of clamps, holding and bolts according to specifications.
  • Manage work with help of manual welding machines and melt metals for various processes.
  • Monitor all welding processes and ensure absence of any shrinkage and distortion to materials.
  • Manage welding work and ensure compliance to all specifications to perform defect work.
  • Replace new and fabricate parts fir dump trucks and trailers.
  • Ensure clean weld joint to obtain smooth look.
  • Maintain disc grinder and perform all cleaning and grinding of metals.
  • Operate various manual and automated welding equipments for welding work
  • Analyze speed and length of welding arc for all welding process.
  • Assemble all components with help of power and hand tools.

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 MEDIE, Medie, Ghana
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