Steel Truss Screws

  • Tek screws can be used to secure IBR or corrugated sheeting to roofs.
  • The Type 5 self-drilling point means no pilot holes are required.
  • Tek screws make for a better installation of roof sheeting than normal roof nails.
  • The yellow passivation coating makes these screws rust resistant.
  • The coarse thread enables the screw to grip into the material.
  • The Tek screw easily drills through the IBR sheeting and at the point where it starts to drill through the structure below, it simply spins in the hole in the IBR sheeting – unlike full thread versions which at this point pull the IBR sheeting up because there was no break in the thread.
  • The top section of thread keeps the sheeting intact and prevents movement.
  • The Tek screw should be long enough to span the distance from the ridge of the IBR sheeting and be able to screw a sufficient distance into the support structure.

Extra information

  • Always use Tek screws with the bonded washers to ensure a water tight seal.
  • Never overtighten the Tek screws as this will result in a dent forming in the IBR sheeting,
  • A dent can allow water to pool, which could lead to a leaking roof.
  • Tek screws can also be used for a wide variety of other woodworking and metalworking jobs
  • All that is required to drive the Tek screws home is an 8mm nut setter, secured in an electric drill.

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