Steel Truss Screws

Tek screws can be used to secure IBR or corrugated sheeting to roofs. The Type 5 self-drilling point means no pilot holes are required. Tek screws make for a better installation of roof sheeting than normal roof nails. The yellow passivation coating makes these screws rust resistant. The coarse thread enables the screw to grip … Read more

Read about investing!!!

Get it here This book is about passive income and it’s about how to take a thought and turn it into an asset that will develop additional assets. It isn’t only about how to bring in a lot of income; it’s likewise about how to keep the income that assets bring in and have … Read more

21st Century Home Business Strategy

 21st Century Home Business Strategy Blueprint “The Essential Step-By-Step Guide To Running A Successful Home Based Business Today” Get the book here : This book will talk about:- The changes in the industry-  How lead generation works in the past and today-  How you can use lead generation to multiply your leads and prospects- … Read more


Enhances performance of standard motorcycles, underbones and mopeds. During the stop-start cycle of commuter journeys, mid-size engines require reliable oil performance under a range of conditions. Shell Advance AX5 is an ideal oil for standard motorbikes thanks to its high oil-performance reliability which helps to protect and clean your engine and prolong its life. Shell … Read more

Building Supermarket Carts

Best item loader, with an optional wheeler. Use for any item load for shops, homes and more. 4 tier, and can be custom made for you.

Half Arch Centerpieces

12 inches diameter Color: Gold 1/2 Galvanized RP 1.25mm Galvanized Plate MADE BY MANYMAY

Arch Backdrop

Arch backdrop. 6ft diameter Circle. Dismountable and easy to transport to any location. Made by MANYMAY

Grill Bar Stove

Grill Bar Stove made by Manymay Manufactories with 1mm thick flat bars galvanized, 4 inches brass burners and high quality steel; anti rust sprayed.

Wrought 2 Burner Stove

Give a go to our 2 burner wrought stove. With it it’s own stand, 3 ft height and anti rust.

Built a few load carts

Yeah! we built heavy duty load carts 3ft tall, 2.5ft base, galvanized 1inch round pipe: 4 wheeler. Made by Manymay.

Building supermarket carts

3 Tier Supermarket carts built by Manymay Manufactories. 1ft 5 inches wide baskets, 4ft tall height. 3/4 Round pipe galvanized with 3/8 iron rods galvanized. Comes with an optional wheel for easy movement.

Don’t buy a bed until you see this!

Manymay metal beds. 2mm thick pipes for braising. Entirely dismountable at anytime. King size bed with poster. High quality but very affordable.

Aluzinc Fabricated Shop

We built this aluzinc shop to see how cheap it would be as compared to steel buildings. Starting a sustainable but inexpensive business is worth in this new age, that’s the main purpose of this project.

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