Manymay Manufactories
Manymay Manufactories

Our Mission; Is to DO what we can to make the world a better place for all.

As a leading metal structure manufacturer, we specialize in manufacturing : Mobile Business Carts, Metal Buildings, Lightweight Commercial Vehicles, Cake Stands, Stoves & General Metal Structures supplying to all partsof Africa and beyond.

Offering contract welding services & quality general hardware supplies. With an integration of project design, machinery manufacture, marketing and after sales services all based on our strong technical force, we offer high product development.

For Consumers. Start your business.

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Cake Stand
Gas/Charcoal Grills
 Gas Stove
Spiral Arc Cake Stand
Single Home Burner
Single Industrial Burner

Payment Plans

Full Cash Payment. Deposit : 20% down payment & spread the rest for 3 months. Rent to own.
WhatsApp +233247441077 for quick response enquiries. Email us


Yes we deliver.
At a fee based on distance, and weight of the item.

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