About Us

Hello, My Name is Mavis Offei.

I was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. 

I design websites, write music, love business.

I love taking photos.



Was born in 2018,by myself. I always wanted an easy and beautiful way to share my thing with my friends. Manymay is my beautiful space for creators and fans at large to spread their love to the world. I  planned Manymay.com when i was 20. Then in 2016 it was launched as Writingscroll. In 2019 i relaunched it as Manymay.com, now am 28 .The project touches a lot of people, something i really appreciate.

Project Manymay

Project Manymay is our way of providing the world unlimited free files of everything. Manymay is for videos, audios, courses, buying, selling, storage, school, food, projects, events, diys, tutorials, house, tv Shows, designs, mockups, blogging, softwares, advertisements, giving, making, websites, fashion,scripts, coupons, free, marketplace, business, library, talents, skills, images, internet, outsourcing, unlimited...

What Manymay is Not?

Manymay is not designed for children, illicit activities and pornography or any information that seeks to tarnish others.

Founded by Mavis Offei Free access to any form of information that will help people to become who they want to be, and what they want to do.

We believe knowledge and education is should be free to access in other to bridge the gap of relationships globally. Thus, Manymay : Free Unlimited File Sharing Downloader & Uploader

Choose from unlimited files to download free.Upload any types of files movies, apps, games, books, Mp4, mp3, jp3, png, gifs, html, designs, services, product & More

About Manymay

Manymay is about creating and making, and organizing information tools, items, products, services, & experiences that makes life simple, easy and universally accessible.

Our focus is on providing the world with the basic necessities of life, from free to cheap.

We understand the global turnout of the various economies worldwide

That why we are your best partner in business and in life.



Amazingly helpful things done by Manymay

I. Manymay.com  - Free Unlimited Download and Upload App

II. Handymay.com - Online Digital Services Concerge - helping people to sell their skills and earn money.


I do consultation at Accra and also founded Handymay.com a platform revolutionizing the way we work. I registered the company as Mavis Offei Enterprises : Revolutionizing Everyday Search & Availability of Information & Everyday Work. We are an entirely distributed company — with all our employees working from all over the world  and no physical headquarters, no office, our address is the web. We are a company that works on, and for, the web.

If you need a press/conference headshot, fill in your contact at the contact page.


Hello! You’re probably here because you want to talk; there are a couple of ways to get in touch with me. I love hearing from users from across our platforms, and please don’t hesitate to share links or stories you think I might be interested in, but if you need support, technical help, or want to complain about a site, your best bet is business@manymay.com


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15. All contents, themes and software also plugins are shared for testing, personal use and not for commercial purposes because we want you to be sure of what you want before buying it from the creators. Please be mindful that we will not be resposible for any loses you incur. Be sure to test them to see if they are effective or virus free.  

16. All creators on this platform are free to share to their ideas but no user is obliged to implementing them. When you use these ideas, it means you assume total responsiblity for its consequences. 



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